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Saam Vega Hotel Apartments


SAAM VEGA Pyramid Park 

By Falconcity of Wonders

SAAM Vega brings a sliver of the most fascinating civilization of our times at Falconcity and is set to be a new cornerstone of Dubai’s hospitality landscape.

All iconic monuments of the era have been revamped and renamed with just a twist of Dubai in it. The SAAM VEGA pyramids will be standing true to the replication of the Great Pyramids of Giza. They are iconic studios and hotels that centralize on providing the customers with a unique experience of international luxury and tradition With a traditional architectural design fused with elegant furnishings and the welcoming warmth shown by the staff, this will be what every other hotel apartment aspires to be. Poised to be the most iconic luxury-hotel destination in the world, it is centered around the life of modern individuals and engineered to o­ffer a relaxing and rejuvenating time to the guests at all times.

A Marvelous Wonder

As a wonder that has enthralled generations in the past, this marvel is now reborn as a luxury hotel apartment, designed in a unique sustainable atmosphere with a finely crafted creative layout, investment property for sale both inside and outside, that off­ers a very comforting and tranquil atmosphere to its residents.

The city is more than just a marvel to construction. It is being celebrated as art in entirety. Falcon city embraces and unifies cultural diversity, along with everything UAE stands and believes in.  It also symbolizes to be the rebirth of forgotten cultures and civilizations.

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Price 385,000* AED with 55% - 45% Payment Plan. No Commission. Get 96% Guaranteed Rental Income with 10 Days Free Stay Every Year. 12 Years Stable Income.

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Saam Vega Pyramid Shape Hotel Dubai with 8% Return
Saam Vega Pyramid Shape Hotel Dubai
Saam Vega Bedroom Room
Saam vega Bedroom
Saam Vega Hotel Investment
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